Friday, May 28, 2010

9 Months Old

The little man is 9 months old today! We went in for his check-up and he weighed in at 21 lbs 9 oz (65-70th percentile) and was 28 inches (45th percentile) long. The funniest question to me is when they ask if he eats well; let me show you exhibit A. The doctor asked me to tell her about what he is doing so I mentioned that he scoots but desperately wants to crawl and he is so very close. In fact, tonight he crawled backwards so it is only a matter of time before he gets down that forward motion. I told her that he wasn't getting himself into a sitting position yet but she wasn't worried and said it usually comes when they start crawling. Well, wouldn't you know, about as soon as we got home, the little man decided that the sitting up thing was a breeze and I lost track of how many times he did it tonight. Josh is starting to think about standing up as well and often contemplates this feat while in the bath tub. I have to keep reminding him that the bath tub is not the place to try to stand up for the first time.

Still no teeth at nine months but the doctor thought maybe she could see something on the bottom right; it is just not ready to pop yet. As you can tell, at 9 months, Josh is on the verge of all kinds of breakthroughs so it should be an interesting month ahead. Our biggest issue with him is sleep. We did some sleep training several weeks ago and had a great week where he slept all night the whole week. Then, somebody flipped a switch and the little boy who will not sleep alone returned so as of tonight, we are back to sleep training. Hopefully this time it will stick! Josh is developing quite the little personality and makes the funniest faces and noises. One thing remains, Josh is the happiest, smiliest, friendliest little guy. We are so blessed.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Interview with Emma at 2 1/2 Years Old

I thought it might be fun and something different to do a little interview with Emma at 2 1/2 years old.

What is your name? Emma Grace
How old are you? 2
When is your birthday? I don't know
Where do you live? Old Forge
Who is your best friend? Libby
Who is your favorite friend (stuffed toy) to nap with? Froggy
What is your favorite thing to do with Mommy? Snuggle
What is your favorite thing to do with Daddy? Grill Outside
What is your favorite thing to do with Josh? Play
What is your favorite thing to eat? Pizza
What is your favorite breakfast food? Cheesy eggs
What is your favorite fruit? Bananas
What do you like for a snack? Fruit Snacks
What is your favorite treat? M&M's
What do you not like to eat? I don't know
What is your favorite place to eat? The Purple Cow
What is your favorite animal? Zebra
What is your favorite thing to do outside? Swing
What do you like to play with? Crayons
What is your favorite toy? Bats (as in baseball bats; not sure where this came from)
What do you like to watch? Elmo (Sesame Street)
What is your favorite book? The Bible
What is your favorite song? "I am Jesus Little Lamb"
What is your favorite Bible story? About Jesus
What is your favorite color? Green
What makes you scared? The thunder
What makes you sad? I don't know
What makes you happy? My bike
What is your favorite place to go? The Purple Cow
What do you want to be when you grow up? I don't know
What will you do in the summer? Get some watermelon (funny because she won't eat it)
What is your favorite game? Candyland
What makes you proud of yourself? Mommy
What do you like to wear? My Cardinals shirt
If you could have any pet, what would you choose? Turtle

It is hard to believe that Emma is already 2 1/2 years old although the way that she talks and acts, we sometimes have to remind ourselves that she is only 2 1/2 when she doesn't act right. She makes us laugh so hard with some of the things that she comes up with. For instance, the other night, she took her plate over to the sink after dinner but didn't realize that there was something up on the counter so when she set the plate down and let go, it fell to the floor. Without missing a beat, she turns around, throws up her arms and says "What just happened here?". Emma adores her baby brother and hates when he is upset. She is so sweet telling him that everything is okay and she is there for him. The adoration is definitely mutual and the two of them are so funny when they get going. We are so proud of our little girl and can't wait to see how she continues to develop and what answers she comes up with when I interview her in another six months.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


The blog has taken a hit since I was "websensed" at work. Do you like how I made websense into a verb. Anyhow, I digress. Hopefully with our updated technology at home, I will get back on the ball and keep this blog updated for my devoted readers (all 5 or so of you)!

We have finally gotten a couple of swim classes under our belt after the first two was cancelled. The focus of the class is really on getting the kids comfortable in the water and teaching some basic water safety in preparation for swim lessons at a later time. We sing lots of songs and Emma is getting some introduction to basic strokes in the game play. It is amazing how much progress Emma made in just one week. The problem has never been a fear of water because Emma loves the pool. The issue is with getting her head and face in the water. The first week she did really good but was a little hesitant to jump into the pool to me. Last week, however, she was gung ho to jump in and didn't mind at all when her face got under the water a bit. She also did not protest when I poured water over her head with a cup that we were playing with.

The big boy is doing great and really has it in his mind that he wants to crawl but can't put it all together yet. While he may not crawl, he gets around. It is funny though because you can sit and watch him and while you are watching him, he can make his way five feet across the floor and you will still have no idea how he got from point A to point B. Brad is convinced that we must have a magic rug. He is closing in on the nine month mark so there will be a full report next week.

I'll leave you all with a few photos from Mother's Day!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Exciting News!

In this photo is a little girl who is daytime potty trained! Yeah Emma!!!