Sunday, June 1, 2014

Swim Lessons May 22nd

May 22nd also marked the last swim lesson for Josh just in time for Memorial Day weekend and the opening of our neighborhood pool.  I know one thing for sure, he will be glad if he never has to wear that swim cap again.  Otherwise, he enjoyed the swim lessons.

Last T-Ball Game May 22nd

Josh had his last t-ball game on May 22nd.  His first at bat, Josh got all of the ball and hit a fly ball into left field.  There was a lot of chatter among the parents with that hit and he had a proud Daddy for sure.  After the game, Coach Adam and Coach Mitchell recognized Josh in front of the team and gave him his trophy since he was going to miss the team party the following week.  Josh would seriously carry his trophy with him everywhere he goes if we let him but thankfully I think he realizes now that it is better to leave it on his dresser where it is safe.  It was a really great season and hopefully we can be on Coach Adam's team again next year.  In addition to having great coaches, Josh got to know at least five boys that will be in school with him next year so hopefully that will help come August.  Josh is excited that he gets to wear his Pirates cap now that the season is over.

Softball Trophy Night

May 19th was trophy night for softball.  We had the 6:30 game so our game ended early but we did get to play two innings and ended the night with a tie game.  Emma only got one at bat but everything came together in that one at bat; her elbow was up and when she swung at the ball, her arms were extended and she hit it hard right down the third base line.  If they had cut the grass recently, it easily would have gone into the outfield.

After the game, all the teams gathered on the field and the coaches from each team called up one at a time to present trophies to the girls.  In addition to the trophy, they also got a ticket for an ice cream from the ice cream truck, which was almost just as good to some of them.  Our last game was the 21st and with all the rain outs, we only played 9 out of 16 on the schedule.  Unfortunately Emma missed one due to her dance recital rehearsal but she really enjoyed softball and has already talked about playing again next year.

T-Ball May 16th

Swim Lessons

Josh had the opportunity to take swim lessons with Safety Before Skill again this year with his Grace Lutheran buddies.  I had the opportunity to attend a number of lessons and Brad was able to go one day as well.  He was so excited about swimming and was always eager to volunteer to be first to try each new skill. As much as Coach Denise tried to get him to float on his back last summer and he balked, this spring he is all about it and has the biggest grin on his face while he is on his back.  He loves jumping in and has no fear whatsoever.  The remaining obstacle is just to get him consistently keeping his head down and his bottom up. Hopefully we can conquer that with lots of pool time this summer!

T-Ball May 10th

The Pirates had the Braves on the schedule May 10th and let's just say that one team showed up to play and it wasn't the Braves.  I think they had about 7 boys to start the game and number 8 came running in while they were batting.  Those 8 players took forever to bat.  The Pirates have them lined up and ready to go but this team was just a mess.  We were glad to have that game over for sure.  Josh played well and got to be the last batter in the final inning.  He had a great hit, which of course I missed on video but I did get him running all the bases at least.  I have been impressed with how well he plays whatever position he is given. Unlike a lot of the boys his age that just run wherever the ball goes on the field, Josh understands the area that he is supposed to cover and doesn't take off like a mad man.  

Softball May 7th