Sunday, June 2, 2013

Riverfest 2013

Emma's dance class was selected to perform last Sunday at Riverfest this year.  Since Brad was going to be out of town for her actual recital, it worked out nicely that he would get to see her dance at Riverfest.  We had to have her out there at 1:00 pm for a 1:30 pm performance.  The stage that Emma performed on was near Heiffer International and was free entry.  With the timing of the performance, there was no attempt at a nap for Josh but he did great especially given the heat.  Her dance this year was to the song, "Beautiful Beulah," which is from a Disney movie.  Emma was so excited about the fact that they got to have tambourines.  The dance went really well and as always, Emma came to life in front of the audience.


After the dance, the Emma and Josh got to "travel" the world by making crafts related to six different countries.  They got a stamp on their passport at each station and once they completed their card, they got to pick a prize.  One funny part was when Josh was making a bead necklace and kept telling the guy working the station, "I'm a boy, I like purple" as if he felt the need to justify it.  After we made it around the world, we headed home with a detour by Sonic to quench our thirsts after being out in the heat.   

Travs Baseball with Daddy

A couple of weekends ago, Emma had a birthday party to attend so Brad decided to take Josh to see the Travs who just happened to be playing the Springfield Cardinals.  Much to Brad's surprise, Josh lasted eight innings and not just because of the slush and cotton candy.  He clearly paid attention since he came home and demonstrated his baseball acumen.  On the way out, they did make a pit stop by the gift shop where Josh selected a little Travs bat.  He is anxious to go to another game!