Tuesday, May 31, 2011

21 Months Down!

One more down and one more closer to two and I already have ideas swirling in my head in regards to the birthday party! Most ideas in my head are revolving around a transportation theme since Josh loves loves loves school buses and big trucks! He is so enthusiastic about both. Every time he sees a school bus, he starts waving his hand so vigorously that he even managed to shake the car last week. When he spies a big truck, he immediately shouts out "big truck." Let's just suffice it to say that he was pretty much in heaven on the drive to Kansas City.

New words continue to burst forth every day. The other night Emma was counting something; she reached eight at which point Josh chimed in "nine, ten." I wasn't sure I heard right but after a few seconds I looked over at Brad and said "Did he just say nine, ten?" Brad said he heard it too but wasn't going to say anything. Unfortunately, one of the words that we frequently here now is "mine" so we're having to learn how to share. Of course, the main thing that Josh has trouble sharing with Emma right now is Mommy and Daddy but he'll come around. He also says "no" to almost every question whether he means it or not but that is actually quite comical and usually is not in response to asking him to put away toys, take a bath, etc.

Josh is so silly and makes the funniest faces and sounds. He definitely seems to have the gift for entertaining like his cousin Garret! Josh is also hugely obsessed with the broom and as soon as we go outside or as soon as we get home and he is out of the carseat, he heads directly for the broom so he can start sweeping. If only this enthusiasm would last.

This past month, Josh got to watch his cousin Thomas graduate high school. He is proving to be a pretty good little traveler even with only a one hour nap on the way up. However, he is not so good about sleeping when he is in the same room as us and has a burning desire to be right next to Mommy or Daddy and not in the crib. During the church service the morning of graduation, Josh fell asleep on my shoulder. Can't remember the last time that happened and while it threw off his schedule even further, I won't deny that I enjoyed it. Unfortunately, this month, Josh also had to endure a double ear infection with a burst eardrum. I still do not understand how his ears were proclaimed clear on Wednesday only to burst by Saturday and I will guarantee that they burst on Friday if not Thursday evening but thankfully a round of antibiotics and he was back to his normal self. All in all, it has been another great month and we just can't wait to see what Josh comes up with this month.

Saturday Fun!

A little clip of Emma riding her bike. She has certainly come a long way since she first got her bike although sometimes inclines are still a bit hard as you will see.

As a bonus, a clip of Josh being Josh.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Halfway to 4!

Emma is 3 1/2 today! First, "how did that happen?" and second, "how did that happen?" At 3 1/2, Emma is pretty convinced that she can do everything "by herself" and while there are a lot of things that she can do by herself, I am thankful that she still needs Mom and Dad from time to time. She is also is full and I mean, full of attitude, which often lands her in a bit of trouble. Overall though, Emma has a wonderfully big heart filled with love for her family, friends and teachers; is filled with loads of enthusiasm for every new adventure; and has the ability to use so many big words appropriately. We are still continually amazed by our big girl who also frequently uses the word "like" as every other word in a sentence. Two quick stories before I give you an interview with Emma at 3 1/2 years old.

- I am sure Brad could tell this one better as I am just retelling his story but I'll give it my best effort. One night (I think while I was in Korea) after Josh was in bed, Brad and Emma were talking about letters and came to the letter "J." Brad asked her what started with "J" and so it went. Somewhere along the way they came up with "Josh" and "Jesus" starting with "J." Emma then said something to the effect that "Josh starts with J and I call him J-Bubs and Jesus starts with J so I'll call him J-Bubs as well." Do you think Jesus has ever before been referred to as J-Bubs?

- Last weekend we were up at Uncle Dale and Aunt Michelle's house to celebrate Thomas's high school graduation (post to come). During the meal at noon on Sunday, cousin Madison was eating broccoli so Emma decided she should have some too. Mind you, she has tried a little before and immediately spit it out. Well, last weekend, she ate it up and asked for more. At some point later in the meal, she told me "I'm big now so I've decided that I like broccoli." Later that day, she also told me that she had decided to like the sound of rainfall.

And now, Emma's most recent interview with the same answers as the interview at 3 denoted by an asterisk.

What is your name? Emma*
How old are you? 3*
When is your birthday? Tobember June (getting closer to the month)
Where do you live? On Old Forge*
Who is your best friend? Libby & Annie
Who is your favorite friend (stuffed toy) to nap with? Froggy and Lovey, Lovey
What is your favorite thing to do with Mommy? Play games
What is your favorite thing to do with Daddy? Play games
What is your favorite thing to do with Josh? Play all over
What is your favorite thing to eat? Spaghetti* & ravioli & pizza
What is your favorite breakfast food? Bacon & cereal
What is your favorite fruit? Fruit cocktail
What do you like for a snack? Cheeze It's & goldfish & "s"marshmallows
What is your favorite treat? Smarties* & M&M's
What do you not like to eat? Yucky mud (I promise I have not been feeding her mud)
What is your favorite place to eat? The Purple Cow*
What is your favorite animal? Elephant & Duck
What is your favorite thing to do outside? Play in my playhouse & sandbox
What do you like to play with? Dress-up
What is your favorite toy? Tinkerbell playset
What do you like to watch? Dora & Mickey Mouse Clubhouse*
What is your favorite book? Dora & Amelia Bedilia & Fancy "D"ancy
What is your favorite song? "Jesus Loves Me"
What is your favorite Bible story? Noah & Jesus calms the storm
What is your favorite color? Pink & purple & yellow
What makes you scared? Thunder*
What makes you sad? If somebody does something wrong to me that hurts
What makes you happy? If someone doesn't do something bad to me
What is your favorite place to go? The Purple Cow*
What do you want to be when you grow up? Firegirl
What will you do in the summer? Go to the beach
What is your favorite game? Dora the Explorer Match Game
What makes you proud of yourself? Playing with my brother
What do you like to wear? Dora shirt
If you could have any pet, what would you choose? Not a moving turtle; a bunny rabbit

Monday, May 16, 2011

Easter 2011

Time to start playing catch up again so let's head back to Easter and see what I can still recall. As I remember, the week leading up to Easter was filled with sickness in 3 out of 4 members of our household (I was the token healthy one). Thankfully by Good Friday, everybody had made a complete recovery so we were ready for the weekend. The kids and I kicked off Easter weekend with a trip to the zoo Friday afternoon. Saturday was filled with a birthday party at the Wonder Place and then Disney Princess for Emma and I. Finally it was Easter morning! The kids were visited by the Easter bunny who left baskets with lots of goodies. Initially Josh thought the candy was balls to be thrown around but he soon realized that they were yummy chocolate. After church, Brad tried unsuccessfully to get some photos of the two together and separately. Later Easter afternoon, we headed out to spend some time with a great family from church for dinner and an Easter egg hunt. Emma is an Easter egg hunting machine gathering as many as possible although she was very quick to share with others. Josh, on the other hand, would hunt, locate an egg, remove the candy, unwrap the candy, eat the candy, and repeat. What can I say, the boy loves his candy!

A Summary of Seoul in 17 Points

I thought I would provide a brief recap of my brief visit to Seoul last week. I really did spend more time traveling than actually in Korea and to be honest, I am not sure the trip was really worth taking since the majority of the presenters spoke Korean. I will just chalk it up as a bullet point on the resume and a chance to see Seoul. And with that, I bring you my 17 points rounded out by a few photos.

1. Seoul runs on Dunkin!
2. Seoul is huge in both population and geographical area.
3. You definitely can't expect to get from Point A to Point B quickly. See point 2.
4. Just for emphasis, Seoul is huge and very modern but definitely not a city that you can visit and easily walk to various attractions.
5. Kansas and Journey are still quite popular as evidenced by radio play and the gentleman on the airport shuttle that randomly belted out "I'm forever yours..."
6. Also popular, the Beatles. In fact, the song "Yesterday" was incorporated into a traditional performance.
7. The people are incredibly kind and polite even to foreigners.
8. Kimchee and pickled radishes are not at the top of my list to try again and as far as the seaweed soup, the taste is fine but I am hung up on the texture and color.
9. Sandstorms in Manchuria can make the skies over Seoul quite hazy.
10. Cross the street at your own risk. Seriously, I cannot believe the number of near misses and the walkers were as much as fault as the drivers.
11. If it weren't for the street signs and building signs, I would have thought I was in America just watching the cars pass by. The Hyundai Santa Fe is definitely a favorite.
12. Wished I had a translator for the crazy game show I stumbled upon while not sleeping at 2:30 in the morning; they were cracking themselves up something fierce.
13. Korean bells differ from Western bells in that they are hit from the outside rather than having a clapper inside.
14. There were not nearly so many smokers as anticipated.
15. I miss the Internet when I don't have free access and was a little like a junky getting my fix when I found a WiFi connection.
16. Al sense of direction normally in my possession flew right out the window.
17. Finally, Seoul was interesting since it is such a modern city but I don't really have a burning desire to return again.

View from my hotel room!

10 Story Pagoda now located at the National Museum. At one time, this Pagoda was stolen and smuggled into Japan. Two U.S. journalists were able to secure its return to Korea. It has been moved multiple times and is in 100 pieces if taken apart.
Largest Buddha sculpted from iron.

Injeong-jeon, the throne hall, was part of the courts at Changdeok Palace where formal state events were held including coronations.

Inside the throne hall, which was renovated in 1908.
Granted, there is a ramp located there now but still, the opening is so low that I would have had to duck regardless of the ramp.
Every airport should have this kind of area.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

I Scream, You Scream, We all Scream for...

...Ice Cream of course! On Good Friday, the kids and I loaded up the wagon and headed to the zoo for a couple of hours. Since it was good and warm that afternoon, we decided to take a quick break for something cold. Emma really wanted a push pop and I figured what is good for sister is good for brother. The last time Emma had a push pop was in the fall and she was an utter disaster. This time around, she was relatively neat and tidy. Her brother, on the other hand, was a total mess and I still haven't figured out how he got ice cream all over the inside brim of his hat. Here area a few photos of the kids enjoying their treats.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Tea Time

Our LWML Circle 3 hosted a Mother/Daughter Tea Party this afternoon at church. At first I wasn't sure if Emma would enjoy it but ultimately decided that we would give it a try. We got all dressed up and before we left Emma told Brad and I that she didn't like tea and asked "What will they have for the children?" The tables were all decorated by different people and loaded down with lots of breakable china. After a game and a bit of visiting we took our seats to enjoy tea or water, sandwiches and dessert. Emma and I somehow ended up at the most fancy table and I think I sent up a quick prayer that nothing would be broken in the course of the afternoon. Fortunately Emma did great and was such a big girl enjoying her water, ham and cheese sandwiches, petit four, and a couple other desserts. I think that Emma thoroughly enjoyed herself and now I think it is time for an Emma/Daddy outing before long since I have been hogging her lately.