Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Snazzy Dresser

Josh made a flower for his church jacket!


Each game, the teams got announced and ran in past their adoring fans.  There was also a prayer at the beginning of each game.


Not sure how Josh got stuck guarding the biggest kid on the other team during this game at the end of January.  Josh was a big fan of Coach Chris!

Petit Jean

The kids were out for Winter Break the weekend of Martin Luther King Jr. Day.  That Monday turned out to be absolutely beautiful for January so Brad suggested taking a trip over to Petit Jean and hiking to the waterfall.  Emma and Josh were great hikers and enjoyed their picnic lunch by the waterfall.



Ross's 6th Birthday

Ross's birthday party was held at D1 Sports in Little Rock,  It was a new place for Emma and Josh and both had a great time.  Little did we realize that his party was the kick-off of a string of parties at D1.  Fortunately each was tailored for the birthday kid so they had slightly different games each time. Josh insisted upon a mohawk for Ross's party and put together the rest of the outfit completely on his own.


First Basketball Game

Josh played Upwards basketball this year at St. James Church.  His team was the Wolves and they were coached by Coach Mark and Coach Chris.  As a bonus, buddy Ross was on the team.  In the Upwards league, the boys play with a sweat band on their wrist so they know who to guard on the other team.  They played their first game on January 10th.  


Raphael rings in the New Year!