Thursday, August 20, 2015

Creative Boy

Josh uses a lot of paper but he is so creative.  On this day, he made himself a laptop computer and headset for his phone that he taped to his head so he could work more efficiently.


Brad was doing some work in the yard and Josh decided he really needed some help.  Josh also decided that it was really hard work after a short amount of time.  We noticed while they were digging that a robin had a nest with babies at the neighbors so when they turned over a grub, the robin would come grab it to feed the babies.


Soccer Highlights from April 18th



More T-Ball


Calling his shot?

First T-Ball Game

Josh got to enjoy another fun year as one of Coach Adam's Pirates.  This year they moved to the larger astro turf field.  It was still coach pitch this season but next season, they'll start using the pitching machine.  I don't know how Josh saw anything this season since he always insisted upon having his cap pulled down.  Josh definitely did not enjoy the outfield since it was "boring".  Can't say that I really blame him on that one.

I would love to know what he said to Coach Adam!

Grandparents Day

Papa and Mema were able to come down for Grandparents Day again this year.  For the first time, they had to visit two classes since this was our first year with two Wildcats.  They enjoyed watching both kids sing and I loved the fact that it was streamed live so I could see them as well.  After visiting the classes, they were able to check the kids out, spoil them at the book fair and then take them to lunch.  I know everybody had a great day!

Pretending to Listen to My Advice


Easter was a fairly low key event this year.  The kids started off the morning following the trail of eggs left by the Easter Bunny to find their baskets.  After church and a yummy brunch made by Brad, they dyed some Easter eggs and then we made and enjoyed some Resurrection rolls.