Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Field Day

Emma's last day of school was last Friday, May 24th.  It is hard to believe that preK is done and we now have a kindergartener.  We could not have asked for better teachers this year and will miss Mrs. Hill and Mrs. Towe.  For the last day, the lower school has a field day.  The preK kids went out for about an hour before the K-5th graders came out.  They had several fun events to participated in including popping water balloons, sack races, three legged races, obstacle course and a slip and slide.  Before they headed back inside, they got to enjoy a snow cone.  After Field Day, they decorated beach balls and then finished off the day with pizza. 

Final Instructions from Mrs. Hill

Mrs. Hill's PreK-4 2012-2013
"Hey, I'm wet!"

Emery and Emma
Mrs. Hill, Emma and Mrs. Towe

Emma and Juliana
Emma and Heidi

Emma and Ms. Douglas from Wildcat Club

Emma and Ms. Neesvig

Emma and Tate

Mother's Day

We started off the morning with some cute gifts the kids made at school.  I had already received flowers the day before since Emma wanted to get me flowers.  Emma filled out one of the sheets that describe Mommy and the first statement was "My Mommy is really good at ..."  Emma's response was "hurting herself."  After church, the tired little boy sort of spiraled out of control but the afternoon picked up after nap time.  The kids and I spent a good part of the afternoon at the park and then we all went out for some yummy barbecue.  Brad did manage to get some photos of me with the kids even though Josh was not entirely cooperative. 

Friday, May 24, 2013

Josh's Last Official Day of Soccer

On May 11th, Josh had his last official day of soccer although we did end up having one more week to make up for a rain day.  The last day was more of a party with medals handed out, photos with the team and yummy treats.  Josh was extremely proud of his medal and barely took it off for two days.  It was literally all we could do to get it off him to go to bed at night.  Josh had fun although it was definitely more crazy this season with ~4 times the number of kids and I think by the end of the season, he was over doing the same thing again and again so he would just get silly.  Hopefully in the fall he will be old enough to start doing some 1 v 1 or 3 v 3. 

Buddies, Ross and Anna Beth behind Josh: Our 3 Red Heads from Grace
The best photo Brad could get of the boys after treats!


Emma's Last Soccer Game

Overall, I think it is safe to say that Emma's first soccer season was a great experience.  She loved being out there with her friends and despite some uncooperative weather throughout the season, she still got some of the fundamentals and is ready to go again in the fall.  Thanks to Coach Bailey for his hard work with the girls.  For the record, this was the first weekend of May in Arkansas and Emma was wearing a stocking cap, gloves, coat and pants. 


More Swim Lessons

Josh and his classmates finished up their sixth week of swim lessons on Thursday.  They all had a great time and the kids made so many strides.  Looking forward to keeping the momentum going with the opening of our pool although the water may be a little cold this weekend!


Thursday, May 23, 2013

Photo Shoot with Josh

Brad took Josh outside for some portraits a couple of weeks ago and the boy was pretty cooperative.  It may have helped that Emma and I stayed away.  Now if only Brad could get Emma to pose for some photos.


The Clown and The Dancer

Why I Haven't Been Blogging!

Warning, if you have a weak stomach, do not scroll down through this blog post.  One month ago, I was off to help with Josh's swim lessons.  Before I picked up the kids that afternoon, I decided to break in my new trail shoes rather than take a nap.  Approximately, 3/4 of a mile in, I rolled my ankle on a rock and thought I was done for.  After walking a short bit, it felt better so I started running again.  Just past the one mile mark, I slipped on rocks or something and I went down.  I sort of slid in head first and my initial thought was that I was going to be a bloody mess and then I looked at my left hand where my pinkie finger was going in a direction no pinkie should go.  I found my way back to the car and then for whatever reason decided to pick up Emma before heading to the ER.  The one good thing about the decision is that she kept my mind off my finger.  The Ortho in the ER did a great job of putting the finger back into place so fortunately no surgery was required as initially thought.  The finger never really did hurt and the worst pain was from the middle and ring finger rubbing together through the first weekend.  Now, four weeks out, I have been released from wearing the splint 24-7 and can basically tape the ring finger to the pinkie finger to work on mobility.  It is going to be some work but I am looking forward to two functional hands soon!

Four Days Later
Lovely Purple Cast - Fortunately Only on for One Week
My Lovely Custom Molded Splint