Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Dubious Start to 2015

The new year got off to a dubious start after a dump truck took of the Elantra; dump truck won! Fortunately, the kids had been dropped off at school so I was on my own traveling in the right lane of I-630.  A dump truck driver decided that he would also like to be in the right lane and came right in to the driver's side of my vehicle.  The car was beat around a bit but I was able to regain control and get off on the right shoulder without anybody else being involved.  Car may be a total loss but no injuries, which is much more important.

New Year's Eve

Although Emma insisted she was going to stay awake in her bed until midnight, not one of us actually ushered in the New Year until the following day.  On New Year's Eve, however, before the kids went to bed, we had a great time playing games.  We played the game Headbanz that the kids received for Christmas.  Josh was hilarious and would make comments every time his turn rolled around about ho he was going to "nail it".  On one round he saw his card but said he would forget it before it was his turn.  When it was his turn, he then tried to throw us off by asking 3 unrelated questions before getting to exactly what was on the card.  I think we should be a little concerned by this!  We followed up Headbanz with several rounds of Emma's new geology game, Rock On.  Then it was off to bed for the kids where we kissed them good night and told them we'd see them in 2015.



Science Genius

For Christmas, Emma received a lab set and a book of science experiments for kids.  She, of course, wanted to do some experiments the very next day.  She made a volcano, learned what happens when you try to mix oil and water, and made some raisins dance.  Still many more experiments to go!  Josh now refers to Emma as a science genius.

Cole Camp Christmas

The Saturday after Christmas we headed up north to celebrate the holiday in Cole Camp.  The kids were excited about seeing their cousins and definitely about the possibility of more presents.  Poor Josh had been asking for snow and did get to see some for a short while on our drive.  Unfortunately for him, there was no snow in Cole Camp.  While there, cousin Thomas and Bailie asked Josh if he would be a ring bearer and Emma if she would be a flower girl in their wedding on August 8th. They're both so excited and Josh keeps telling everybody he is going to be the Ring Master.

The elf made an appearance for gift opening with a new and improved costume and the kids received some great gifts from everybody



As a Christmas gift to us or maybe because they stayed up later, Emma and Josh slept until ~7:30 am. Emma was the first to rise and ready to go.  Thankfully Josh was not far behind her.  They raced out to see what Santa had left for them.  Josh got the police truck he asked for along with some books, matchbox Monster trucks, the movie, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, and candy.  Emma received some doll clothes, books, nail polish, the movies Happy Feet 1 and 2, a new card game, and candy.  Emma was a little disappointed that she didn't get her American Girl doll from Santa but she later found out that Santa must have already known that she was getting a doll from Mommy and Daddy.

After checking out their haul from Santa, they were anxious to tear in to the rest of the presents. Breakfast was going to have to wait.  Santa allowed Doodle to stay and watch and even let the kids give him a hug when they went to bed Christmas night.



After opening presents and breakfast, the kids played and played until it was suddenly time for lunch. Lunch was followed by rest time where we all watched The Polar Express and then outside to play for a bit since it was somewhat warm.  We rounded out the day with a yummy dinner and a happy Brad because there was apple pie.


Christmas Eve

Brad and I both took off Christmas Eve and the four of us spent the day getting prepped for the big event!  The kids woke up that morning to find Doodle reading the Gingerbread Bear to some of their friends.  Those silly animals had swiped some cookies and milk for story time.  

After they enjoyed the story for a little bit, Emma helped make a list of all the things we needed to accomplish during the day.  While it looks like a lot, most of them were givens or fairly easy to accomplish.  She checked the items off as they got completed.

Meanwhile, that silly elf and his buddies moved around almost every time we turned our backs.  They got through quite a stack of books, ate their cookies and even got in to the candy.

Before Christmas Eve service, the kids put out their cookies and letter for Santa (milk was put out right before bed) and spread the reindeer food in the front yard.  After church, we had hot chocolate and ready Twas the Night Before Christmas.  Then, it was off to bed so visions of sugar plums could dance through Emma and Josh's little heads.