Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas Cookies

It is that time again for Christmas cookies.  After a bit of a rough start since somebody was having trouble keeping his hands to himself, the kids stepped up to help make the cookie dough.  We let it cool for a bit in the refrigerator and then it was time to decorate.  Both kids had two full trays to decorate and then split the final tray, which included the letters E, J, D, M, R, and S for Emma, Josh, Daddy, Mommy, Rudolph, and Santa, respectively.  There was just enough dough left for two little candy canes as well.  They had a great time decorating and still haven't quite learned that less is more but at least they are less messy in doing so.  They both took great care in decorating their cookies although Josh burned out a bit midway through the second tray so Brad finished that up.  Brad made a little gingerbread boy and girl to look like the kids, which they thought was the best thing ever.



Josh was in charge of the letter, J, M, and S and he was still anxious to get those done.  He was most proud of his "red hot" J, which was loaded up with red hots.  He could not wait to eat it after dinner, which he did.  Once finished though, he said no more sweets until the end of basketball season.  We're not sure where he came up with that one and we're definitely not sure that he knows exactly what he's saying.  I'm betting his resolve will not last long!


Looks like I have two little helpers that will be able to take over the gift wrapping completely before too long.  Josh had a wrapping station in his class for the last two weeks before Christmas and evidently loved it.  His teacher said he went to the wrapping station every single day.  Since he had asked to help at home, I was more than happy to let him.  Emma also wanted to help so between the two of them, they decreased the number of gifts that I had to wrap by 10 and did a pretty good job in my opinion.  They even finished things off by writing the names on the packages and topping them with a bow.

Monday, December 22, 2014

Wildcats in the Nutcarcker

Episcopal Collegiate took out a full page ad in the Nutcracker program and included a photo of all the Wildcats in the performance.  Emma was so excited to see herself in the program and to see her name in the cast list.  The two soldiers on the end had to be Photoshopped since the photographer was running late and they had to leave for an audition.  Of course, the reason that she was running late was because she forgot her camera of all things.  At least everybody was pictured and ECS was definitely well-represented. 

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Sing-a-Long and Parties

The last day of school before Christmas break is a half day filled with lots of fun.  At 10:30, there was a sing-a-long in the gym followed by class parties.  Since all the parties were at the same time, I went back and forth between the two.  It was clear in both classrooms that the kids were all having a good time.

Nutcracker Reenactment

Before PaPa and MeMa headed out and Emma's performance on Sunday, there was a Nutcracker reenactment that included PaPa repeatedly having to lift Emma in the air and some sword fighting with Josh.


Emma's friend Lindley had a Grinch birthday party and everybody was to dress like they were from Whoville.  Emma's hair did not last long but we nailed it!  Emma got to go on a carriage ride and make some snow.  Such a fun, fun party!

Cuddle Time

Emma took advantage when PaPa was here and soaked up some cuddle time with him!  Of note, they were watching Arizona play basketball at the time and cheering them on to victory.

First Nutcracker Performance

The Nutcracker has always been one of my favorite ballets and favorite Christmas traditions so I was so excited to see Emma as part of the production.  This was the largest cast that they have ever had. The Little Angels were on during the Prologue of Act II and they were the only group that got an audible "Aww" from the audience when they came onstage.  Emma claimed she was nervous before the performance but Emma never gets nervous about being on stage so I think it was more something to say.  She had nothing to worry about because she did great and was the cutest angel on stage in my biased opinion.  In the same line with Emma were some of her best buds, Caroline and Samantha, her friend Allison from soccer and Ellie from school.  After her performance, Emma hung out backstage until the end of the show.  She was excited to receive some flowers and was one tired girl when we got home.

Thankfully after a late night, she had Saturday off before performing in the Sunday matinee.  Since Rita had to back out of going with me on Sunday, Brad was able to see Emma perform again.  He may not be a big fan of ballet but he was glad for the opportunity to see his little girl.  After her performance on Sunday, I went back and got her so she could see the rest of Act II. Emma loved being part of the Nutcracker and is already talking about next year!

Nutcracker Dress Rehearsal

When I dropped Emma off backstage for dress rehearsal, some of the older girls were playing a game and she jumped right in.  So cute seeing her among all the dancers.  Sounded like they had fun hanging out backstage before they had to be on stage.

ECS Christmas Program

The week of December 7th, everything came to a head.  It was the week of the ECS Christmas the Nutcracker, and Garth Brooks for Brad and me.  Heidi's party was Monday night, Emma had Nutcracker rehearsal on Tuesday night, school program Wednesday and Thursday, Nutcracker dress rehearsal on Thursday night and her first performance on Friday night.  This was the only year that Josh and Emma will be in the same Christmas program at school until they're in the 4th and 2nd grades.  This year was a big year for Emma since the first graders have a speaking role.  Emma was a narrator in the story of Maisie the mouse who was looking for a home.  Emma delivered her line perfectly; she spoke very clearly, paused appropriately, and took it nice and slow.  The Thursday morning performance was live streamed so Bo and Gram were able to see her as well.  Josh's group did two songs and he obviously knew every single word even if he didn't want to do any associated movements.  The first performance was on Wednesday and to their surprise, Uncle Dale was there to see them.  They got another surprise Wednesday when they got home and who should arrive but PaPa and MeMa who got to see both the school program and Emma's first Nutcracker performance.