Thursday, March 29, 2012


This girl could color, draw, and write all day long!

Sunday in the Park

Since Libby was going to be in town last weekend, I arranged with Kacy to meet for lunch and then some park time afterwards. I was on the verge of spilling the news to Emma when Brad stopped me and said to let it be a surprise. He couldn't have been more on the mark. We got to the Buffalo Grill right before Libby so they pulled in right after I got Emma out of the car. I asked if she recognized the vehicle and she said no but as soon as Kacy got out, she knew what that meant, shouted "Libby" and went running over. There was an older couple walking through the parking lot at the same time who thought it was so cute how excited Emma was to see Kacy but soon realized it wasn't really about Kacy. About that time, Libby was released and those girls gave each other the biggest hug! Libby said at lunch that it was the best lunch ever. Afterwards, we headed over to our park where the kids got to play for a bit before we headed out for naps or in our case, no naps. We're so glad that we still have opportunities to see the Welch family!

Book Reading at Barnes & Noble

Earlier this month, Emma and I met up with several of her friends from school to hear the newest Fancy Nancy book read. The girls actually did pretty well listening to the story but I think the best part of all for Emma was making a craft after the fact. They got to make fairy wands and Emma was the last child still working and probably would have stayed all day had I let her. She was sweet enough to make two wands and give one to her brother.

Visit by Great Grandma

Grandma came out from Arizona last week to spend some time with Emma and Josh. It was not relaxing to say the least as she kept them for two days by herself. The kids had a wonderful time and got to be outside quite a bit and even had a picnic down at the park one day. I think they were probably spoiled rotten those two days and a little sorry not to see Brad and I head off to work on Saturday. All three had a great time together and we had two sad children when they woke up Sunday morning to find that Grandma had headed off to the airport. Thanks for the visit.

10 Things about Emma

Here are some recent facts about Emma:

  1. She is so excited about going to her new school next year and being an Epicopal Wildcat. The other day I told her that she was pretty well done with preschool at Grace since she had everything checked on her quarterly progress report. At that, she excitedly asked if she would be going to her new school the next day.
  2. Can count to 160.
  3. Can spell her last name, knows her phone number and address.
  4. Still has to strike a pose for every photo even if she is sitting down.
  5. When she has something really exciting to tell you, she drops her voice to a whisper.
  6. Already so excited for Father's Day.
  7. Has the cutest little Southern accent at times and says "fixin to" a lot!
  8. Loves, loves, loves to dance!
  9. Is her brother's biggest cheerleader.
  10. Thinks she is quite the jokester and has to tell us a Knock Knock joke and several riddles at bedtime each night. Her favorite knock knock goes:
Knock Knock
Who's there?
Peach who?
Peach, aren't you glad I didn't say banana?

Her riddles go something like this:

Emma: The cow says moo
Our response is supposed to then go: Actually the cow says moo.

10 Things about Josh (+1)

Here are some interesting facts about Josh:
  1. Talks so big these days. For examples, he has been heard to say "I'm doing it on purpose" and "It's coming around."
  2. Best friends are Rossie and Anna Beth, the two other redheads in his class.
  3. Loves to play guitar but will only do so with a pick.
  4. Loves basketball and already has a jump shot.
  5. Is overly fond of saying he "needs" this that or the other; trying to work on the difference between want and need.
  6. Has quite an imagination and tells us often about the lion living in one of the rooms at our house.
  7. Randomly spelled J-O-S-H one night. Since that time, he has gone back to telling us that his name is B-I-B-I.
  8. Has grown 2 1/4 inches since his 2 year check-up.
  9. Has a song list we have to run through at bedtime. The songs include "God the Father", "Baa Baa Black Sheep", "5 Little Pumpkins", and "Here is the Cross."
  10. Favorite book of the moment is "A Pocket for Corduroy."
  11. Thinks he is done with napping on the weekends; I disagree and hope it is just a phase.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Little Rock Marathon

Last weekend was the 10th running of the Little Rock marathon but as I found out race weekend, it was only the 9th annual half marathon. Does that mean I have to come back next year? Once again, I lined up at the start line with a race goal in mind. Unfortunately I did not run a smart race. Since I was feeling good, I did not listen to reason and follow my race plan which led to me fading at the end. Fortunately the only thing injured was my pride. I did have a great support team again this year at several points along the course. I was also able to pick out a few other friends along the way. Coming down the final stretch, I was scanning the crowd for Brad and the kids but missed them until I heard a very loud "Mommy!" from Emma. I think the kids had a good time out there watching the runners especially the "crazy ones" like the guy dressed as Elvis. Fortunately for them, it was also warmer this year so they didn't spend the morning freezing. Their favorite part, however, is likely the end when I come out with lots of goodies for them to munch on.


Last Friday, we had to say goodbye to Libby and Anna as the time had come for their big move to Missouri! Emma's class had a big going away party for Libby and I know she'll be missed by all of her friends. Thankfully for us, we'll still get to see Libby fairly often through the end of the dance year since they'll be down every other week for class through the recital. Emma seems to be doing okay but I know she is missing her best friend. We'll definitely miss the Welch family but we'll be in touch!