Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Fun Land

Way back over Labor Day weekend, the kids and I met up with some of Emma's friends and their Mom's and Dad's at Fun Land. It was our first trip there and the kids had so much fun riding all of the carnival rides designed our currently height challenged crew. There was no doubt as to Josh's favorite ride; I think he rode the cars at least five times. Emma loved all of the rides although none of us were big fans of the Scrambler. Since the Scrambler was one of the few with a minimum height of 4 ft, that meant that I got to ride on it with Josh and Emma. As soon as the ride started, Josh buried his head into my side and didn't move until we stopped. Poor Emma, on the other hand, was on my other side and as the ride whipped us around kept getting smashed into the side. Afterwards, she kept telling everybody that we didn't really like the Scrambler because it cooked us. Overall, it was a great morning out with friends. Unfortunately, Fun Land is now closed for the Fall and Winter but we'll definitely have to make a trip back when it reopens late next Spring.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Josh's New Toy

Brad thought it was time that the boy had a t-ball set since he loves to play baseball in the house with whatever ball and bat-like implement is within reach. After Emma and I headed off to dance class tonight, Brad broke out the t-ball set. I would say it was a big hit!

In case there was any doubt, here is the reaction when they had to go inside so Josh could get to bed.