Sunday, June 28, 2015

Emma's First Softball Game

Emma was back on the Hot Shots again this year and it is clear how much difference one year and some experience makes.  Josh was also much happier this year because Anna Kay's brother and his buddy Brooks was at most of the games.


First Tooth

Josh's tooth was getting very, very loose and on the morning of March 18th, he ran into our room and said that he had lost his tooth.  He claimed heard it fall out.  I am inclined to believe that he was wiggling it around and it fell on to the bed but we'll never know for sure.

Thing 1 and Thing 2

Lather, Rinse and Repeat - More Snow

This was the perfect snow for snow ice cream so Brad got the recipe from his Mom and made two kids very happy!

Snow Friends

More Snow

Since it always seems to snow or ice when Bo and Gram visit, this time was no different.  School was cancelled Monday due to a high chance for snow starting mid-day.  This worked out for the grandparents since they got some extra time with the kids.  As it turns out, the forecast was correct and we got some snow.  Fortunately it was snow and cleared up by Tuesday afternoon so Bo and Gram could get out of town as scheduled.


End of Basketball

In between storms, Josh did get his last basketball game played.  Of course, it poured down rain but at least we were able to get around.  Josh had quite the cheering squad for his last game with Bo, Gram, Ms. Nichols and Mrs. Katie on the sidelines.

Winter Storm 2

Just two days are our first winter storm, we got some snow.  Kids were happy; parents were also still excited at this point.  The kids were out of school and Brad was home with them so they got in a little snow time before it all melted off in the afternoon.

Winter Storm 1

Just when we (or me) had deluded ourselves into thinking that old man winter had passed us by, we got our first taste of winter weather.  I was glad that at least the snow pants and snow boots were going to get some use.  Of course, I had no idea how much more use they would get over the next couple of weeks.  Emma and I took a little time to sort out our Girl Scout cookie orders before spending a little time playing outside.

No Words!

Valentine's Day Party

We had a fun Valentine's Day party in Pre-K4 this year.  A little crafting, yummy snacks, and photo booth, which was probably the most fun for all the kids.