Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Louisville Part II

Friday night was Emma's coming out party. The family all came out to meet Emma and of course see Jimbo, Kristi, Brad and I. This family is always up for a party no matter what the occasion. It was great to see everybody and we really should have documented it better. We weren't quite sure how Emma would be with all the new people around but she did great as always and enjoyed herself until it was time for bed. Amazingly enough, she was able to fall asleep and stay asleep in spite of the joyous noise downstairs. We were very thankful for that! Here are a few more photos from our trip. We hope to see everybody again soon.
Gigi reading to Emma
Gigi and her great-granddaughters
Enjoying Carolyn's Tigger
Emma with Grandpa and Grandma
Emma and Auntie Marth
Emma with Auntie and Ally

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Lesa said...

It definately looks like Miss Emma wasn't hurting for attention!! She looks like she had a great time!