Sunday, August 29, 2010

Jump, Jump, Jump!

More soon on the big man and his first birthday but for now, a little backtracking. The weekend before last Emma was invited to a birthday party at JumpZone. Seriously, whoever conceived of this idea is a genius. For those who don't know, it is basically a room filled with 7 or so large inflatables for jumping, sliding, and basically making sure you have tired, sweaty, thirsty kids when you leave. Emma got off to a running start and was even more excited when Libby arrived. Keeping up with the two of them was a chore in and of itself and seriously you could not turn your back for one minute. Emma, of course, had basically no fear of anything although she did have a minor panic attack after a short climb on one of the inflatables. I pulled her off but she was back there five minutes later and had no problem. There was also one point that I thought I was going to climb in since it didn't seem like Emma or Libby were ever coming out. The last 10 minutes or so before cake were basically spent at the water fountain taking turns with other kids when prompted to step away so somebody else could drink. It was definitely a great party!