Thursday, July 7, 2011


We've definitely been taking advantage of the neighborhood pool this summer especially since it is now possible for one person to take both kids if the need arises. Josh has earned himself a bit of a reputation at the pool. As I have noted before, the boy who didn't want anything to do with the pool at his first lesson is way too brave. One of the lifeguards watches him like a hawk and is a little fearful for what next summer holds. Hopefully we won't be responsible for anybody quitting. He is just so nonchalant about jumping in. The other day, Josh was on the pool deck by Brad and I was in the water talking to baby Anna and tickling her when out of the corner of my eye, I see a blue streak headed towards the pool. I reached out my left arm just in time to catch Josh as he plunged into the water. You definitely have to be on guard.

On the 4th, we got to swim with Emma's friend Libby and her family. Emma is so excited because they joined our pool too so now it is Emma and Libby's pool. Having Libby there gave Emma the courage to finally jump into the pool as well. Kacy did tell me that Libby never had the courage either so I guess together, those two are much more brave. We also played some games including squeezing the water from a sponge to fill a cup. It appears that Emma got her Daddy's competitive spirit. They also dumped some gold fish into the baby pool and then gave the kids buckets to catch them. Let's just say that neither of my two wanted anything to do with this game. In fact, they were scared of the goldfish. Libby, on the other hand, was a trooper and managed to catch two goldfish, which was no easy feat! It was a great day of swimming and I know the girls can't wait to spend some more time together at the pool this summer.

Emma jumping!
Pondering how to scare everybody next!

Ready or not!
Libby jumping!

Best friends!
Filling their cups! Emma had this game nailed!
Catching goldfish!

Jumping and loving it!

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Grandma said...

Grandma had so much fun swimming with Josh and Emma. They enjoy the water, but jumping into the pool appears to be the highlight.