Monday, November 14, 2011

A Few Notes

I was pretty sure that this last round of teething was going to do us all in. Poor Josh was in a bad way with those upper molars and turned into a child that nobody recognized. Let's just say that there was lots of crying and needing to be held by Mommy (all at inopportune times). Everything sort of came to a peak about a week and a half ago after a particularly terrible day that included spitting at his teachers and basically being totally non-compliant with every request. I kept trying to reassure myself, Brad and anyone who would listen that this was not Josh and things would get better. Thankfully I was right and the very next night, we had our boy back. He was laughing, being silly and just generally fun to be around again. Hooray!

Yesterday morning we were the greeters at church. One guy that likes to mess around with Josh a bit was giving him a hard time and I guess Josh had enough because he told him "Go away to church." Another usher overhead and asked if that was how we greeted people around here. Guess it is when we're on duty!

Somebody in our house is getting ready to celebrate her 4th birthday in less than two weeks and we are going to party with her friends this weekend. The issue that I have is I don't recall us telling her she could grow up so quickly. The weekend before last, we went shopping to find Emma a dress for an upcoming dance. Not thinking, I grabbed what I thought was the right size off the rack and didn't have her try it on first. Lesson learned because when we did try the dress on at home, the waist was pretty much up at her chest and the sleeves were easily two inches above her wrist bones. I am a little afraid that Emma is going to outgrow all the pants that I bought her by the first of the year. Look for a bigger update on our soon to be 4 year old on her big day.

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