Thursday, May 31, 2012

Big Rigs

Some time back since I'm catching up while falling even more behind, UALR hosted a morning centered around kid safety that included information on vaccinations, car seats, etc.  Our main interest was the advertised emergency vehicles they could explore.  When we arrived, there was no fire truck as anticipated.  However, in addition to the ambulance and police cars, there were tons of other big rigs and vehicles to climb around on like a dump truck, tractor, cement mixer, boat, etc.  Josh was in heaven once he warmed up and I think Emma's favorite was definitely the boat.  She got to say over the loudspeaker, "put your life jackets on."  They also got to practice exiting a building in case of a fire.  They had a trailer that they fill with smoke and the kids have to get down and crawl to the window where they can climb out.  Emma was not a big fan but it is a good lesson to learn.  We did capture a few photos on our phones.

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