Friday, August 31, 2012

Florida Continued

Our days on vacation pretty much followed the same theme, spend some time on the beach, spend some time in the pool, eat some lunch, get some rest, spend some time in the pool, eat dinner, get some sleep and repeat.  The hotel we stayed at is great for kids and even better than the previous year.  This time around, there was a mermaid there every afternoon and she always ended her time by doing mermaid makeovers.  The pirates were also there a couple of times and while Josh was excited about them in theory, he majorly choked when it came time for a photo op.  There was also more dining options than I remembered the previous year and thankfully the kids did great with walking a little distance.  Another new feature was the 360 directly across from our hotel that we rode one night after dinner.  The kids loved going around and getting the whole view of the beach. 

After the first day, Emma ditched the swim belt and Josh traded out her old purple/hot pink swim vest for the belt.  They both did a great job and came a long way towards swimming on their own.

Even though they didn't want to walk out into the ocean by themselves, both Emma and Josh were much more willing to go out into the water with us holding them this year.  

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