Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Bet You Go Fishing...

Early this summer, Josh started talking about going in a boat and fishing so for Father's Day, I thought of myself and bought the kids fishing poles so Brad could take them out fishing.  Both Emma and Josh had four days off after the end of the year at Grace before they reopened and before Emma started at Episcopal so Brad took them up to Cole Camp for the weekend to go fishing.  Once they got there, Josh was completely disinterested in the idea of fishing but Emma was raring to go and from what I understand, she was a natural.  The first day she reeled in five fish.  Brad said that she was not squeamish about digging for worms and picking them up.  The next day Emma caught three fish and had the first one on the hook about as soon as she cast out.  She did get a little over confident and offered to give Brad fishing lessons.  After watching the videos, I don't know how she caught anything since her technique would involve casting out, dropping the pole and walking away or digging around with the pole in the mud.  They did manage to catch enough fish to have a small fish fry and Emma loved eating what she caught. 

The Fishing Crew

While Josh may not have been into fishing, he enjoyed feeding the cows each night and definitely enjoyed his "bing dong" as a treat to and from Cole Camp.

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