Sunday, December 30, 2012

Emma's Birthday - Fancy Nancy

It has been an eventful end to the year for sure but first to catch up on the events of November and December.  Our girl turned 5 at the end of November and this year, she decided that she wanted a party just with the girls.  Of course, she did have a pesky little brother to take part in the fun.  Emma loves, loves, loves Fancy Nancy so that was the theme of the party.  We invited all of her fancy friends to join Fancy Emma in the fun.  As our guests were arriving, we had Fancy Nancy coloring and activity sheets to keep them busy.  Once we had all of our friends, it was on to the spa for manicures and a little lip gloss.  The girls then adorned themselves with jewels and tiaras and then struck their fanciest poses in the "photo booth."  Finally, we learned some of the lessons for being fancy and then read a story before moving on to cake and ice cream.  Emma had a great time and Josh got in on the action and struck a pose in a tiara as well, thanks to Caroline K.'s Mom for catching that one for posterity.


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