Monday, April 8, 2013

Two More Teeth

Emma recently lost her top two teeth.  The first came out Friday, March 15th.  Brad was in Boston at a conference and Emma was working that tooth like crazy.  I tried and tried to tell her to leave it be until Daddy got home but the minute I looked away, she was back at it.  During bath time, I walked out and not one minute later, she is yelling that her tooth is out.  I grabbed her a wet washcloth and told her to hold it in there until the bleeding stopped and then we could talk.  Have I mentioned that I don't like dealing with blood.  We both survived and the tooth fairy made her third trip to our house in the past year. 

Shortly after losing the tooth, Emma started working on the second one since it was loose as well.  Again, we told her just to let it be and let it come out when it was ready but did she listen, not really.  On the way home from school the Wednesday before Easter, Emma told Brad that she was going to have the school nurse pull it out the next day.  He didn't really take it too seriously thinking that she surely would not pull Emma's tooth.  Well, he was wrong and the next day, Thursday, March 27th, Emma was waiting him with a big old toothless grin.  I must say it is a little cuter with both teeth gone but any minute now, she can slow down with the growing up!

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Linda Alyce said...

Congrats on that toothless wonder!