Monday, August 12, 2013

Florida 2013 - Day 2

Monday morning started off with some storms and we were scrambling trying to figure out what we might do with our day since the aviation museum in Pensacola is closed on Mondays.  Fortunately, the weather cleared up for us again and we got to head out for some fun in the water.  Neither Emma nor Josh was too excited about getting in the ocean but did enjoy playing in the sand before heading to the pool.  At dinner, they requested a photo with the statue outside the pizza place.  Fortunately we did not have to head to the ER after Josh tried to stick his finger into the industrial fan sitting outside the restaurant.  He about stopped my heart!

After dinner, we stopped for ice cream.  Can I just say that Emma loves her ice cream?  She polished hers off and when Josh decided he didn't want anymore, she graciously offered to finish it up!  Unfortunately she did not get to as we felt she had already had enough.


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