Monday, January 18, 2016


School got out the Friday before Memorial Day and there was a week before summer care started at Holy Souls so I thought it was the perfect opportunity to head to Louisville to see G.G., JoJo and the family for a long weekend.  The plan was to head out Saturday morning but thanks to the fever virus, we delayed our trip by a day.  Emma woke up Sunday morning and seemed good to go.  Brad and Josh went ahead and went to church and then I planned to leave with the kids if Emma still felt fine.  She did so we packed up and headed out.  About an hour in to our trip, it was clear that Emma was feeling bad again but we decided to press forward and hope that she could rest up in the car.  She did sleep off and on for a lot of the ride and at one point through Memphis, they were both asleep.  The sounds of silence!  The drive was delayed thanks to a wreck that shut down 40 near Nashville so we didn't end up arriving in Louisville until near 10 that night.  It worked out okay though because Emma got plenty of rest and woke up Monday morning fever free and ready to have some fun.  We headed to Ann's house for a Memorial Day party.  The kids spent the entire time other than a quick break to eat in the pool.  The next day I took them to the Derby Museum and then Wednesday morning, we headed back to Ann's for a little more pool time before driving home.  JoJo thought I was nuts but both kids ended up napping again.  We enjoyed the visit and got to spend lots of time with G.G.  Looking forward to going back soon!

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