Tuesday, January 27, 2009

14 Months

Emma is 14 months old and has a mouthful of teeth these days. We found two more last night, which brings the grand total up to 13. She is starting to run these days and loves to jump even if she can't actually get her body up off the ground (see video below). Emma is such a big help to mommy and daddy these days. She loves to recycle and will stand at the door with a plastic bottle until you take her out to throw it in the bin. She also helps put clothes into the dryer and throws away trash. She definitely loves being with the big kids (and thinks she is one) at daycare and breaks out of the nursery at every opportunity. She loves to read and is getting pretty good at working her puzzle. It is just so much fun watching her personality emerge.


Lesa said...

That is hilarious!!! She's quite the jumper!

Linda Alyce said...

Scratch the dog or cat, this jumper girl needs a pony!