Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Sick Girl

Emma was sent home Monday afternoon with a fever of 102.6 degrees. She was also pretty congested and had a cough to round everything out. Yesterday morning I got a call from daycare that there were two confirmed cases of RSV in Emma's room. Given her symptoms, we thought a trip to the doctor was in order. Emma did test positive for RSV but her lungs are clear and we are just praying that they stay that way. However, she seems to be developing an ear infection too, which was probably the cause of her fever. Poor little girl just doesn't feel well and wants to be held much of the time, which is so not normal for Emma. We hope that she gets feeling good again soon. Here she is getting into a little trouble before she started feeling bad.


Grandma Kate said...

Hate to hear Emma is sick. Hopefully she will be better soon and back to her mischievous and active ways. Give her lots of hugs from Grandma and Grandpa.

Linda Alyce said...

Oh no, she has what I have! And She is just like me. I bet she has a hard time communciating what it is that feels bad (to the pharmacienne at least). Bonne Sante to us both!

Lesa said...

She looks like she feels miserable!!! I hope she starts feeling better soon. Nice outfit by the way :) Whoever bought that for her has good taste :)