Wednesday, December 29, 2010

16 Months

I have so much to catch up on so I'll start with a 16 month update with Mr. Josh. Another month has passed among the whirl of the holiday season. In the last month, Josh has gotten faster and faster and at times is now running, which is a site to behold. He continues to be such a little clown and absolutely cracks himself and everybody else up. Josh also likes to mug for the camera as you can see above. He was saying "cheese" to Brad as he sat there for the approximate 2.3 seconds he allotted before moving on to something else. I am not sure that Josh has a care in the world. Like his big sister, Josh seems to have a desire to perform for whoever is watching. He likes to stand up on the fireplace like Emma and dance or "sing" into her microphone.

In the past month, the little man has become VERY attached to his bear and his monster. It seriously happened overnight but beware if you try to separate him from his beloved friends at the wrong moment. I don't think I ever posted about Josh's first haircut but we have now had number two and he did great. He was allowed to have a sucker this time around and you would think it was the greatest thing in the world. I am quite sure that the stylist could have done anything to his hair so long as he had a sucker. Josh's favorite phrases over the last month were "Where'd he go?" and "What's that?". Josh is learning so much and understands and follows so many commands. He is smart as a whip just like big sis.

Josh also got to celebrate his second Christmas last month and truthfully, I don't think he cared much more than he did last year. I think that Josh was primarily excited about the fact that he had long awaited access to the Christmas tree so he could forge his path of destruction, which translates into pulling down all the ornaments. Josh refers to him as our F5 tornado and I can't argue that one. He certainly is a cute tornado though and we can't wait to see what month 17 holds.

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Grandma said...

Very cute "cheese" grin. The little guy is amazing with all his new accomplishments. Hugs and more hugs.