Monday, January 31, 2011

Christmas Day

Where did I leave off? Oh yes, we are up to Christmas Day! Josh and I were up first and way too early but did manage to catch a few more zzz's on the couch before big sis arrived on the scene. Emma came out to the living room and immediately checked to see if Santa had arrived. She mustered up as much excitement as she could, since it turns out she woke up feverish, to exclaim that Santa had arrived. After breakfast, it was finally time to rip into all those packages that had been tormenting Emma for weeks. Josh, on the other hand, could have cared less about the packages but saw this as a time to finally seek and destroy the ornaments on the tree that had been tormenting him for weeks; the tree was on the other side of the baby gates.
Josh got lots of cars and trucks but absolutely loved the package of 150 plastic balls!
The big thing this year was their new kitchen. Brad and I had put it together on Christmas Eve and set it up in the play room. After opening all the gifts, we took the kids downstairs Emma was a bit confused as to why the play room door was shut so we told her to open it up. When she did, the reaction went something like this "Look, we got a kitchen" without an ounce of excitement but in her defense, she was sick and while her voice lacked excitement, her actions said otherwise.
We rounded out the rest of our day with an afternoon visit with RiRi and Mr. Win and then drove around and looked at some lights in the neighborhood that night. Other than a slightly sick Emma, it was a great Christmas.

The plan was then to celebrate Christmas with Brad's family over New Year's weekend but you may be able to guess what happened there given the fact that Emma was sick on Christmas and did not get it from Josh. Therefore, it was almost inevitable that Josh would be next in line and unfortunately, he didn't disappoint. He spent the next week not feeling quite right during which time Brad had some weird allergic reaction and about the time those two were up and running, I got sick so no Missouri Christmas. Instead, Brad's parents brought down gifts a couple of weeks later so Christmas went on extra long for Emma and Josh.

I think that about wraps up Christmas 2010 but more updates to come! I'll get there!


Anne said...

That kitchen looks like a ton of fun! So you put it together Christmas Eve, were you up all night, like in the movies? :)

Laura said...

Anne - Thankfully the kitchen went together pretty quickly. I don't know that I was really much help other than with applying decals!