Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Snow Recap

At the beginning of January, we had our first and hopefully only "major" snowstorm of the winter. The snow started falling late Sunday afternoon shortly before we were due to leave for a belated Christmas party with Brad's group at work. We forged ahead but didn't get about a mile down the road before I was questioning the decision. Unfortunately, Brad didn't have his cell phone so we couldn't reach one of his coworkers and the number his boss provided was wrong. Since we couldn't reach anybody, we kept moving forward with a Mom whose nerves were a bit frayed, a little girl who was so excited that we were driving in the snow, and a little boy who didn't know any better.

We did make it to our destination and had a good time although Brad was restricted on his wine consumption as there was no way I was driving us home. By the time we left, the snow was really coming down and the window was icy up fraying my nerves even more if that was possible. Meanwhile, Emma was in the backseat constantly chattering and asking me questions. Emma talked and talked and talked and then it was silent; she had finally fallen asleep thankfully. We made it home without incident and knowing full well that there would be no daycare the next day. Emma woke up as I was getting her dressed for bed and wanted to head out in the snow right then and there. I was able to talk her down but first thing Monday morning, she was ready and raring to go. Finally, it was time to go out so we got the kids all bundled up complete with plastic bags (one of these days we might get boots) to keep their shoes and feet dry.

Emma was thrilled to be outside in the snow while Josh wasn't so sure what to make of that cold, white stuff. We finally coaxed him into walking out into the snow and into the backyard, which was okay unless he fell down. He did not like sitting in the snow. However, a little bit of sliding and then sledding and Josh came around. By the afternoon, he had even gotten to the point that he would try to make a snow angel with sister although his consisted of sitting and moving his feet back and forth; he certainly wasn't about to lay down in the snow. We had a great day playing in the snow between sledding, snow angels, and snowball fights. Emma was definitely disappointed that the snow melted and keeps hoping that we'll get more. She did not get that from me! Here are a few photos from our snow day!

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