Thursday, October 13, 2011

Five Things about Emma!

1. Loves to dance and loves to teach others to dance. When her teacher was a few minutes late last week, Emma stepped up and took the reins at the front of the class.

2. Thinks she is so big now that she is in the junior class and every morning she has to show us how big she has gotten overnight.

3. According to Emma's teachers, her biggest weakness is her gross motor skills. Upon clarification, this simply refers to her tendency towards clumsiness; she comes by it naturally. This weakness, however, is not evident when she dances.

4. Emma's "on" switch is apprarently on her forehead. I thought she was sleeping soundly when Brad gently touched her forehead and she came alive, talking at a rate of 500 words/minute (may be a slight exaggeration). She was definitely on!

5. Has to rock her babies to sleep each night before she can settle in and the babies must be swaddled.

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