Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Five Things about Josh!

1. Sometimes refers to Brad or I as "Dommy" when he is trying to get something off his mind quickly and doesn't want to take the time to think about whether he is addressing Daddy or Mommy.

2. His favorite questions to ask currently are "what happened" and "where'd Daddy gilla (gorilla) go?" If you follow up the later question with, "I don't know Josh, where is Daddy gorilla?", he'll respond "at the beach." If you then ask him what he is doing at the beach, Josh will tell you, "eating all the grass."

3. Josh's favorite adjective is "big" and he especially loves big trucks and big snakes. A truck is obviously a truck but a big snake can be just about anything from a tree branch to a spaghetti noodle to a piece of toast. At least the first two actually resemble snakes.

4. Has become very expressive talking with his hands. When he is talking about "a lot", he makes a big circle.

5. Completely disinterested in learning his colors. If you ask him what color something is, the answer 99.9% of the time is "green." However, last week he surprised me. I had to take him to dance class with me and he was across the room talking to this large door stop shaped like a frog. He held out a crayon to the frog and said "here's the brown one." The shocking thing was that it was actually brown. Guess he does know some colors even if he doesn't want to admit to it.

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Grandma said...

What Josh says and does makes him so unique, and so much fun. He is adorable in his pirate costume.