Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Progress Reports

In September, Josh received his first progress report in the junior class.  As it turns out, the boy has been holding out on us and his sophomore teachers all along.  The same day he received his progress report, Brad was talking to the daycare director when Josh's friend Barrett's Mom came in and made a big deal about how well Josh had written his name that morning.  She then turned to Brad and said something about how we probably already knew that.  Uh, actually we didn't know that; guess he knows when he needs to perform.  The best part of the progress report was the comment from Mrs. Shannon that Josh is "thoughtful, creative and assertive with something to say about everything." 

The same week was parent/teacher conferences at Episcopal.  Emma received a glowing report and it sounds like she has pretty well mastered preK-4.  They are going to work with her more on reading and she is very motivated about learning to read.  Her teacher, Mrs. Hill, told Brad that if she was out for a day that she had no doubt Emma could lead the class since if something is missed in the daily routine, Emma is always quick to point it out.  She also said that Emma plays with and gets along with everybody and is a great help to her friends if they need a little help with the work.

We are definitely proud of how both Emma and Josh are doing in their classes! 

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