Friday, May 24, 2013

Josh's Last Official Day of Soccer

On May 11th, Josh had his last official day of soccer although we did end up having one more week to make up for a rain day.  The last day was more of a party with medals handed out, photos with the team and yummy treats.  Josh was extremely proud of his medal and barely took it off for two days.  It was literally all we could do to get it off him to go to bed at night.  Josh had fun although it was definitely more crazy this season with ~4 times the number of kids and I think by the end of the season, he was over doing the same thing again and again so he would just get silly.  Hopefully in the fall he will be old enough to start doing some 1 v 1 or 3 v 3. 

Buddies, Ross and Anna Beth behind Josh: Our 3 Red Heads from Grace
The best photo Brad could get of the boys after treats!


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