Thursday, May 23, 2013

Why I Haven't Been Blogging!

Warning, if you have a weak stomach, do not scroll down through this blog post.  One month ago, I was off to help with Josh's swim lessons.  Before I picked up the kids that afternoon, I decided to break in my new trail shoes rather than take a nap.  Approximately, 3/4 of a mile in, I rolled my ankle on a rock and thought I was done for.  After walking a short bit, it felt better so I started running again.  Just past the one mile mark, I slipped on rocks or something and I went down.  I sort of slid in head first and my initial thought was that I was going to be a bloody mess and then I looked at my left hand where my pinkie finger was going in a direction no pinkie should go.  I found my way back to the car and then for whatever reason decided to pick up Emma before heading to the ER.  The one good thing about the decision is that she kept my mind off my finger.  The Ortho in the ER did a great job of putting the finger back into place so fortunately no surgery was required as initially thought.  The finger never really did hurt and the worst pain was from the middle and ring finger rubbing together through the first weekend.  Now, four weeks out, I have been released from wearing the splint 24-7 and can basically tape the ring finger to the pinkie finger to work on mobility.  It is going to be some work but I am looking forward to two functional hands soon!

Four Days Later
Lovely Purple Cast - Fortunately Only on for One Week
My Lovely Custom Molded Splint

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