Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Toltec Mounds

Over Christmas break, Caroline Kolb came over one day to hang out with Emma.  In the morning, the girls played and we made some snacks. 


Since it turned out to be a fairly nice day, after lunch, we decided to go on a little field trip.  I was looking at the parks website and came across Toltec Mounds.  We hadn't been out there before so I gave the girls the choice of going there or to the zoo.  Most kids probably would have chosen the zoo but these two were so excited about the idea of Indian ruins so off we went.  When we got there, we first watched a little 10 minute introductory video.  Emma and Caroline soaked it in and even repeated some of the facts that they learned while we were out there.  Before heading out to see the mounds, we looked at some artifacts.  Then, we were off on our ~0.7 mile "hike".  You would have thought we were trekking uphill both ways instead of on a totally flat, paved trail but we had fun and enjoyed being outside.

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