Monday, September 1, 2014

Kansas City - Post-Graduation

After graduation, we all sort of headed off in separate directions.  I had been planning to take Emma to the American Girl doll store so the two of us headed that way while the boys hung out at the house.  Our intention was to have her doll's hair done.  While she headed to the salon, Emma and I were given a tour by one of the women working at the store.  It was really neat hearing the stories behind many of the dolls.  Near the end of the tour, we were called to the salon where we learned that Rose had an issue with her hair that required a hospital stay.  The nurse collected all her information including favorite foods, movies, and vitals and then the doctor came out to speak with us.  It was such a cute process!

While Emma and I were at the store, Josh had a great time playing ball with the boys and taking his own turn at archery.  He loves spending time with his big cousins.

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