Friday, December 19, 2014

Camp Cole Camp

Since there was a one week lag between the end of school and the first day of summer camp for Emma, the kids got to spend a week with PaPa and MeMa after Garret's graduation.  Leading up to the weekend, Josh was insistent that he didn't want to stay and would be coming home with us.  As it turns out, when we got ready to head back to Little Rock from Kansas City on Memorial Day, he barely blinked an eye, which certainly made things easier on this girl.  From all accounts, it was a great week filled with lots of play time outside, plenty of coloring, puzzles and books.  Josh will tell you that there weren't enough toys but every single time we called, they were both too busy to talk to us so I don't think he was hurting too much!  Before we left, Josh got to play a little more ball with PaPa, they found a turtle in the yard and Emma helped MeMa get some lettuce for burgers although she had no intention of eating it!

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