Tuesday, January 6, 2015


As a Christmas gift to us or maybe because they stayed up later, Emma and Josh slept until ~7:30 am. Emma was the first to rise and ready to go.  Thankfully Josh was not far behind her.  They raced out to see what Santa had left for them.  Josh got the police truck he asked for along with some books, matchbox Monster trucks, the movie, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, and candy.  Emma received some doll clothes, books, nail polish, the movies Happy Feet 1 and 2, a new card game, and candy.  Emma was a little disappointed that she didn't get her American Girl doll from Santa but she later found out that Santa must have already known that she was getting a doll from Mommy and Daddy.

After checking out their haul from Santa, they were anxious to tear in to the rest of the presents. Breakfast was going to have to wait.  Santa allowed Doodle to stay and watch and even let the kids give him a hug when they went to bed Christmas night.



After opening presents and breakfast, the kids played and played until it was suddenly time for lunch. Lunch was followed by rest time where we all watched The Polar Express and then outside to play for a bit since it was somewhat warm.  We rounded out the day with a yummy dinner and a happy Brad because there was apple pie.


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