Tuesday, January 6, 2015

New Year's Eve

Although Emma insisted she was going to stay awake in her bed until midnight, not one of us actually ushered in the New Year until the following day.  On New Year's Eve, however, before the kids went to bed, we had a great time playing games.  We played the game Headbanz that the kids received for Christmas.  Josh was hilarious and would make comments every time his turn rolled around about ho he was going to "nail it".  On one round he saw his card but said he would forget it before it was his turn.  When it was his turn, he then tried to throw us off by asking 3 unrelated questions before getting to exactly what was on the card.  I think we should be a little concerned by this!  We followed up Headbanz with several rounds of Emma's new geology game, Rock On.  Then it was off to bed for the kids where we kissed them good night and told them we'd see them in 2015.



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