Saturday, November 1, 2008

Emma's First Halloween

Happy Halloween a day late! We took Emma down to the church down the street from us for Trunk-or-Treat! We didn't collect any treats but walked around and checked out all the activities. It was a very popular event. Emma was dressed up as a daisy this year. It seems as though the popular costume this year was the bumble bee maybe because of "Bee Movie". There was one little bee who couldn't have been more than a couple of months old. She was too cute! On a separate note, Emma took five steps this morning. She is getting closer and closer to being an independent walker. We hope that everybody had a safe, happy Halloween!


MaryBeth said...

She makes a very cute little daisy! The costume is adorable. Just wait until next year when you won't be able to get away without the treats!!

Lesa said...

That has to be the most adorable little daisy I have ever seen!! She looks pretty proud of herself!