Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I Go Out Walkin'

Last night, Emma gave us more than four or five steps. In fact, she was doing a lot of walking as long as she had something of interest to get to. We still need to help steady her out to get started unless she has been holding onto something but it won't be long until she has that part down to. Emma even had it in her head that she was going to walk down the hall to her bedroom last night. She cruised the couch over to the wall and then let go. After the first couple of steps, that didn't pan out but she had certainly thought about it. Here are a couple of short videos showing Emma stepping out. Please ignore the fashion faux pas in the background.


MaryBeth said...

Go Emma... get out your running shoes mom and dad!!

Linda Alyce said...

Now you are really in trouble...wait until she can run. Then Brad will train her on the beauty of 90 feet.

grandma Kate said...

Emma, won't be long and you will be cruising and discovering more and more things to explore.