Wednesday, May 27, 2009

18 Month Update

Emma had a great time in the waiting room before her appointment playing with a big girl; had no problem walking back to the exam room but the minute I stripped off her clothes, the fun was over. Unfortunately, she knew when she got down to the diaper that this would be a full check-up and screamed through the weight, height and head measurements. She was not too happy about having the doctor listen to her heart and lungs and forget about trying to look in her mouth. She did end up getting one shot and cried for just a minute after it was over.

Emma weighed in at 23 lbs 8 oz (25-30%) and was 32 1/4 inches tall (70-75%). She has remained pretty steady with her weight but made a little jump in the height at this appointment; she had been in the 50th percentile for quite a while. As part of the assessment, they asked if she mimicks household chores. You bet! She sweeps, wipes up spills, throws trash away. They also asked if she could stack two blocks together. You bet! Only it is usually like 5 or 6; she also sorts blocks and likes to work puzzles. Can she say two words in addition to momma and dada? You bet! In fact, she has a couple of sentences that are routinely used. Does she like to climb? You bet! Just try and stop her. Does she like to swing, be bounced on your knee, etc.? You bet! The proof has certainly been displayed on this blog. As you can see just based on these few little questions that they asked (there were plenty of others), Emma is doing just great.

My heart and ego swelled a little too when I picked her up at daycare and was told that she had a major tantrum that morning. The swelling was not due to the tantrum but due to the statement by her teacher that she is just so darn smart that she is moving into this phase early. What mom doesn't like to hear that her child is so smart? I have no official 18 month photos because she was just filthy last night when I got her home so I took some this morning and will try again this evening and post them tomorrow. As for now, here are a few more from the weekend for your viewing pleasure.


Grandma Kate said...

What a fantastic report.Good gene pool for both health and smarts. Happy 18 months, Emma. You have brought joy into so many lives.

MaryBeth said...

Good job Mama!! Of course she'll be a smart one!