Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend and 24 Weeks

Grandma and Grandpa S. came down last Thursday night to spend a long weekend with us. It had been several months since they last saw Emma other than on the blog and she was quite the entertainer. We had nice weather on Friday and Saturday so Emma got plenty of time outdoors. I have noticed that she naps even better with the benefit of some fresh air; 4 hours on Friday (unprecedented) and 3 hours on Saturday. Grandpa cracked her up while she was on the swing at the park making all kinds of silly moves. Unfortunately Sunday was a washout and somebody was a little stir crazy (Emma). There was a little break in the weather during which time Brad and Grandpa put up Emma's new swing and she got to test it out a bit. We went from a full house this weekend to just Emma and I by 10am yesterday. Thankfully the rain that had been predicted stayed away so after her nap, Emma and I paid a visit to one of my coworkers who had a new baby about a month ago and then hit the park. Emma pretty much went between the swing and watching the kids in the pool. I think that we are going to have to break down and join for the summer.

As far as Junior is progressing, I finally took the first belly shot this weekend at 24 weeks. Brad assures me that I am only a little bigger than I was with Emma at this point but I think that he is just being kind. Not much else to update other than to say that the little bugger is moving around in there and getting stronger. I go back one week from Thursday for my check-up and glucose tolerance test (woo-hoo!) so I'll have more to update at that point.

Finally, somebody (Emma) is officially 18 months old today. We got in for her check-up this afternoon so I'll have a full report then. I will also try to get some 18 month photos since the resident photographer had to fly away again (but thankfully for the last time for a while) but that is not the easiest task with a girl who is constantly on the go so we'll see.

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Grandma Kate said...

You look fantastic. Very happy and healthy. Darling pictures of Emma too.