Thursday, May 28, 2009

Sending Love to Daddy

Whenever Brad calls home, I will put the phone to Emma's ear so she can say "Hi Daddy". Of course, she is usually more interested in the buttons so she doesn't actually get much from his side. However, each time I tell her, "Say Love you Dada", she kisses the phone. It is the cutest thing so even though he can't feel them, Brad has been getting Emma kisses all week long. I did attempt to take some 18 month photos and I do stress the attempt part. Here are a few of my results. I did manage to get one good one but it is hard to hit a moving target.

The money shot!


Grandma Kate said...

Good job with a moving target! Cute that she gives her dad kisses.

Linda Alyce said...

Love those ponytails!