Tuesday, September 29, 2009

1 Month Old

Well, I am a day late but you'll have to forgive me as most things seem to be a day late right now. It is hard to believe that Josh has already been here for a month. I took him in for his one month check-up yesterday and he is up to 9lbs 8oz, which is almost 3 pounds since birth and 1 pound since he was in the hospital last week. Clearly this little man is a good little eater. They did measure his length but I am not convinced that it was correct. They had him at 20 1/8 inches but last week in the hospital, they measured at almost 21 inches so we'll just see what happens in subsequent visits. He is still a good little sleeper although it would be good if he could throw in some longer stretches at night. The last two nights, he gave us a 5 and 4 hour stretch, which was a nice change from the every 2 - 2 1/2 that he has been doing since birth. Josh is just such an easy going little man although he does have a little fussy time in the evenings. He is a strong little man as well and really starting to get some control over that neck. He doesn't seem to mind a little tummy time here and there, which is a nice change since Emma hated it. He is tracking really well and has even given me a few little smiles although Brad doesn't believe it is anything but gas. I am here to say that it wasn't gas! Can't wait to see how this little guy changes over the next month.


Lesa said...

He's such a little cutie!! Can't wait to finally meet him this weekend!

MaryBeth said...

cute, cute, cute!!

Grandma Kate said...

What a difference in Josh's looks in a few short weeks. He really looks a lot like Emma in the second picture. Very handsome little guy.