Sunday, September 27, 2009

22 Months Old

Another month gone and what a big one it was for Emma with becoming a big sister. She took to her brother right away and loves to help where she can. She is always wanting to give him hugs and kisses and when she comes home from somewhere, he is the first person that she looks for. The only problem is that our little bull moose doesn't always understand the concept of gentle. Emma's vocabulary continues to expand at a rapid pace and her new favorite phrase is "Happy see you" only you have to make sure that the "you" is really drawn out. She absolutely loves to be outside and is constantly on the go other than during nap time and at night. We have noticed recently that she is really starting to become much more imaginative in her play and these days, Emma really loves her books and she has some favorites, which we have read about 1 million times by now. We have recently started taking Emma up for the children's message during our church service and she is doing a great job of sitting up there and listening. Of course, it helps that she has the whole congregation watching. That girl loves an audience. It has become clear that she is a little clothes horse as well. She gets so excited when she receives some new clothes and immediately wants to strip off what she is wearing and put on her new duds. While she does like to wear her new clothes, she also likes to make me crazy by taking off her shorts and diaper. It may be time to get out the duct tape. Can there really only be 2 months until our little girl turns 2?

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Grandma Kate said...

Emma never ceases to amaze and entertain me. What is next in store?? Every month brings on so many changes.