Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Home Sweet Home

I certainly didn't expect to start my fourth week of maternity leave with a hospital stay but thankfully, we are home as of tonight. After Josh felt warm over the weekend, we decided to check his temperature and he was running a low grade fever. I called the medical exchange and at his age, even a low grade fever is considered to be an emergency so off Josh and I went to the ER. I expected to be there for most of the evening on Sunday but was told when we saw the triage doctor to expect to stay overnight. The next doctor I saw told me to expect to stay two nights. They basically wanted to test every fluid to make sure there was nothing serious since he obviously hasn't had any immunizations at this point. They also said that at this age, illnesses present with different symptoms than noted in older children and adults. One snag that probably kept us there until today was that the doctors were unsuccessful in collecting spinal fluid the first two times, which would allow them to rule out bacterial meningitis. With the assistance of ultrasound and x-ray, the radiologists finally got the fluid yesterday. The results came back late this afternoon and showed that the infection was caused by a virus and since his fever had resolved, we were released. We are so happy to be home. Emma was definitely glad to have her little brother and mommy back as well. She has been praying hard for her brother and Brad said that this morning on the way to daycare this morning, he heard Emma speaking so he turned to look and she had her hands folded in prayer and was saying "Thank you Josh happy Amen". We are all saying a big Thank You Jesus and Amen tonight that Josh is healthy and we are all home.


MaryBeth said...

So glad to hear that he is well and you guys are all home again! Now the prayers for Mom and Dad's quick recovery from such a frightful few days can begin!

Anonymous said...

Our thoughts have been with you guys this last week--So happy to hear that the little guy is back home again!
Erica and Rob