Thursday, October 28, 2010

14 Months Old

I owe somebody a 14 month post. Josh spent the last month with a splint on his leg but he has certainly learned how to cope with extra weight on his leg. Fortunately after the splint came off, he was put into a walking cast and walk he has. In fact, he is getting pretty darn quick in spite of the cast so I think we're in for it next week after he gets his leg back. Josh started out the month with six teeth and by the end of the month had his top first year molars to show for it. While Josh has a handful of words that we don't hear consistently, he certainly understands a whole lot and will follow simple commands such as "Go see Emma" or "Josh, can you get a book?". Last weekend, I asked him if he was ready for breakfast and his response was to stand up and head into the kitchen. He is definitely putting it all together and I am sure it won't be long before lots of words start tumbling out. Josh was supposed to move up to the next class in daycare last month but with the cast, they have held off but watch out freshman class, Josh is coming soon. Remarkably, the boy who would eat anything has sort of become my picky little eater. Part of the problem is that he really wants to use a fork and spoon but doesn't quite have the coordination. Additionally, he doesn't want anything to do with baby spoons and forks; he wants real silverware and does a good job with it when he gets something speared or scooped. I think he just wants to do what his big sister does, which unfortunately includes a few bad habits. Emma has been such a good sister to her little brother and has taken it upon herself to watch out for Josh, which is really quite helpful when we're making dinner. Fortunately, the feeling is mutual and Josh adores his big sister as much as she adores her baby brother. I'm sure that I have left something out but that is the gist of what Mr. Joshua is up to at 14 months.

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MaryBeth said...

I love this picture!! He looks like such a happy little fella!