Thursday, October 14, 2010

Visit with PaPa and MeMa

Brad's Mom and Dad had planned a trip down here the first weekend in October. As it turns out, they were able to come down a couple of days early and help out with Josh right after his accident since Brad was off to DC the morning after he broke his little leg. In spite of the broken leg, Josh had a great time with PaPa and MeMa as did Miss Emma of course. Here are a few photos of Emma and PaPa being silly.

Here we have Josh in his splint. Do you think he is playing the "I got a splint on my leg blues"?

Maybe not!
Papa & Josh!

Playing Outside!

Love this one!

On another note, Emma got a book from the library last time we were there about Grandpa's. The last page asks "What do you like to do with your Grandpa?". I posed this question and got the response, "I don't have a Grandpa". Since she has a Bo, PaPa and Cap, she didn't put it together that they are also her Grandpa's. Poor kid!

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