Monday, October 11, 2010

Memphis Zoo Recap

Two weekends ago, we finally made a long awaited trip to Memphis so that Emma could see the panda bears. After a one week delay due to an unwelcome virus that hit our house, we packed up and headed to Memphis after work on Friday so that we could get an early start on Saturday morning. Josh thought I meant it when I said early start so he and I were up by 5:30 even though the zoo didn't open until 9. After some breakfast, we made it to the zoo and headed straight for the pandas of course. Turns out that they pretty much sleep and eat; the first time through they were sleeping but we stopped back by later and got to see them eating and moving around a bit before going back to sleep. The zoo was really nice and both Emma and Josh enjoyed the animals. There were tons of shows to see and we hit the sea lion show and the grizzly feeding. The one thing that I was unprepared for was the fountain and little "river" for the kids to get in and play in the water. Right before we left, Emma did get into the water and was pretty much soaked from head to toe but a quick change when we got to the car and she was ready for the ride home. In spite of spending the entire day at the zoo, there were still some attractions that we missed but I don't think that Emma and Josh would object too much to another trip to Memphis. The photos start at the end and work their way to the start of our day.

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