Sunday, May 1, 2011

Tea Time

Our LWML Circle 3 hosted a Mother/Daughter Tea Party this afternoon at church. At first I wasn't sure if Emma would enjoy it but ultimately decided that we would give it a try. We got all dressed up and before we left Emma told Brad and I that she didn't like tea and asked "What will they have for the children?" The tables were all decorated by different people and loaded down with lots of breakable china. After a game and a bit of visiting we took our seats to enjoy tea or water, sandwiches and dessert. Emma and I somehow ended up at the most fancy table and I think I sent up a quick prayer that nothing would be broken in the course of the afternoon. Fortunately Emma did great and was such a big girl enjoying her water, ham and cheese sandwiches, petit four, and a couple other desserts. I think that Emma thoroughly enjoyed herself and now I think it is time for an Emma/Daddy outing before long since I have been hogging her lately.

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